Fixed Income / Opportunity

Enko Africa Debt Fund provides investors with exposure to high yielding fixed income available in the African debt Market.

To offer fixed income and credit as an alternative asset class within the African markets.

A strong case for continuous economic growth over the medium term, with diversification away from natural resources and government

Economic Growth: Over the next 3 years, 7 out of the 10 fastest growing economies in the world will be in Africa (Sources: IMF, The Economist).
Expanding Consumer Market: By 2020, there will be 200 million Africans with discretionary spending power (GDP per capita > US$5k). (Source: McKinsey).
Resources Potential and Infrastructure Investments: Rapid urbanisation, increased resources discovery (Africa has 60% of world natural resources ), are leading to higher infrastructure investment.

New Green Revolution: Africa has 60% of the world’s arable land and competitive labour cost, yet has shown no significant improvement in agricultural yield for the past 60 years (Source: Syngenta Foundation).

Demographic dividend: Half of the continent’s 1 billion people of working age (15- 45 years old ) and there is ample room for increased productivity growth.

More Spending on Education: 20% of Government spending is invested on education with room for growth ( source Mckinsey ).

Conclusion: Stronger economic growth ahead will be supported by a deeper and larger debt market!