14 November 2014

Med-View Airlines to Pursue Listing on Nigerian Stock Exchange

Nigerian carrier, Mid-View Airlines, plans to seek listing on the floor of The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). This advance was announced by Alhaji Muneer Bankole, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Med-View Airlines.

The Lagos based airline was founded in 2007 as a charter carrier, mainly operating Hajj flights, and domestic passenger services. It had flown over 756,437 passengers locally, while over 250,000 Muslim pilgrims have flown to Saudi Arabia in the last eight years.

The newly launched airline is just in its second year of business but discussions have begun with officials of the NSE to get the carrier listed on the exchange and improve the airlines equity in the global market. It also involved dialogue with some notable foreign carriers in the Middle East on how to secure code-share and other operational agreements ahead of its commercial flight opera¬tions into Dubai and Jeddah.

The indigenous carrier is keen to expand its international business operations into the Middle East cities of Tel Aviv, Jeddah, UAE and Singapore. Once registered on the floor of the NSE, it will steadily realise its goals of boosting capital base, increased airline fleet and employment of additional skilled personnel. Source: Ventures Africa