ADvTECH secures Oxbridge stake

August 31, 2016

ADvTECH has acquired a 51 percent stake to partner with Oxbridge Academy.

The group said yesterday the partnership, which would be effect in July next year, would allow Oxbridge Academy and ADvTECH to collaborate and to expand distance-education offering to make it accessible to a large segment of working South Africans.

Oxbridge Academy is accredited by a number of local authorities, including UK-based ABMA as well as many other national accreditation bodies worldwide.

Oxbridge tertiary chief executive Fay Amaral said the venture would combine the broad skills of ADvTECH with the distance learning expertise of its colleges.

“This will enhance and strengthen not only the existing distance education, but also introduce a new range of students and programmes,” Amaral said in a statement. Source: IOL