Entities within the Enko Capital Group

Enko Capital Management LLP is domiciled in London, UK and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 477 914).

Enko Capital Investments Pty Ltd is domiciled in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is regulated by the FSCA.

Enko Capital West Africa is domiciled in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, and is regulated by CREPMF.

Enko Fund Managers Limited is domiciled in Mauritius and is regulated by the FSC.

Nature of Enko’s Commitment to the Stewardship Code

Under COBS 2.2.3R of the FCA Handbook, Enko Capital Management LLP (“Enko LLP”) must disclose clearly on a durable medium the nature of its commitment to the Financial Reporting Council’s Stewardship Code (“the Code”) or, where it does not commit to the Code, its alternative investment strategy.

The Code sets out a number of principles relating to engagement by investors with UK equity issuers. At present, Enko LLP does not manage any funds which hold equities in UK companies, nor does Enko LLP maintain any investment management mandates on behalf of UK pension funds – Enko LLP provides investment advice and execution to a Mauritian asset manager, with the goal of achieving long term capital appreciation by making investments substantially in pan-African private and sovereign debt instruments. As such, in practice the Code is not directly relevant to Enko LLP. Enko LLP will consider whether to become a signatory to the Code at the time when it starts managing any investment mandate given to it by UK entities.